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Did you know, 100% of your tax-deductible donations stay at our school?

Below are a few examples that have been provided by participation in fundraisers and donations to the PTSA. In Turn, PTSA works with the administration to determine items that will enhance student's learning as well.  

Every dollar counts!  With last year's Papa John's Nifty Fifty Fundraiser, we raised $2470!

Currently, we have another Papa John's Nifty Fifty Fundraiser going on August 23- Spetember7, 2021. For more information, go here

2020/2021 PTSA provided:

  • Technology (laptops) - split with the school
  • Back to school teacher breakfast
  • Teacher grants fall and spring
  • Cafeteria Table - split with the school
  • Bus Driver Appreciation
  • Teacher Appreciation Week- Glory Days Family Meal, Cookies, yard signs
  • National PTA Reflections Program
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Great American Teach-In breakfast and lunch for our guest speakers

Additionally, PTSA provided various after school clubs that foster enrichment in our youth:

Performing Arts Club, Art Club, Stem Club, Lettering & Planner Club, and PAWS (Student Council), which promotes Student Advocacy. We also have a very active PTSA Dad's Club, which includes any father figures: uncles, brothers, etc. Documentation supports that positive father engagement is associated with lower levels of impulsivity, higher ratings of self-control, and better stress tolerance in kids.

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