Teachers and staff have been asked to fill out a favorites list. The list will update as it is filled out.

Staff Birthdays and Favorites Lists HERE

Teacher Wishlists - click on the name to go directly to their Amazon list-

Sra Adams

Mr. Arnold  

Mrs. Brown  

Mr. Brown 

Mrs. Bryan 

Mrs. Dale   

Mme/Sra Desharnais  

Mrs. Dukes  

Mrs. Edl - This is a special list. Everything on the list is for the school store for kids to spend their Wolf Bucks they earn for making good choices.

Mr. and Mrs. Finch

Mrs. Franco  

Ms. Gamberino

Mrs. Geraghty

Mrs. Hermes

Mrs. Hunter   

Mrs. Hunzeker  

Mrs. Johnson 

Mrs. Knizek 

Mrs. Kolacki 

Mrs. LaBarbera

Ms. McGoorty  

Ms. McGuinness

Mrs. Morin 

Mrs. Paez  

Mrs. Rubin   

Ms. Schroeder   

Mrs. Seanoa

Mrs. Shelton  

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Synnett