It's Tuesday Teacher Spotlight!

Today we turn the spotlight on Mrs. Dukes!

Mrs. Dukes is a 7th-grade science teacher at Walker. A graduate of Indiana University, a teacher for 28 years, with 22 of those years at Walker!  Mrs. Dukes wants her students to embrace their academics and try to do the best they can while enjoying and being captivated by science.

She decided she wanted to be a teacher or geologist after having Mr. Mondi, her middle school science teacher. "He was just so captivating and made science come to life. He loved what he did, and it showed. I knew I wanted to either be a geologist or teach. I ended getting both a geology degree and a degree in science education."

Mrs. Dukes is also in charge of the Agricultural Program here at Walker. She says, "It has been a great experience. We started from nothing and now have chickens, ducks, a mini pig, a turtle, and rabbits. It is a fantastic accomplishment. We can't wait for more Ag animals to come. Sheep, a cow, etc. It's going to be a great journey into unknown territory, and we are up for the experience!"

Her favorite quote is: Be willing to give love and compassion to others.

Mrs. Dukes has an Amazon wishlist you can visit here. She also welcomes donations of Kleenex, paper towels, and an air purifier to create a safe and healthy classroom for her students.