The Most ESSENTIAL of them all!

Walker Middle Magnet Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Monday, May 3rd
"Starting The Day Right!"
The Office Staff is providing a Casserole Breakfast.
Tuesday, May 4th
"Taco about amazing teachers and staff!"
PTSA is bringing in Moe's Taco & Salad Bar for lunch in the Teacher's Lounge 11 AM - 1 PM.
Wednesday, May 5th
"Donut know what we would do without you!"
Morning: PTSA is bringing in Disco Donuts Food Truck to serve hot donuts, along with coffee from Bru for Walker teachers and staff, outside the gym 7 AM - 9 AM.
Lunch: "Thanks for Catering to the Students!"
PTSA is bringing in Jimmy John sandwiches to the
Teacher's Lounge 11 AM - 1 PM.
Thursday, May 6th
Lunch: Administration buys Lunch!
All Day: from PTSA "You're the sweetest teachers & staff"
Cookies, candies, and chocolates available
in the Teacher's Lounge.
Friday, May 7th
"You have a Pizza of our hearts!"
PTSA provides Pizza, drinks, and snacks served in the Teacher's Lounge 11 AM - 1 PM.

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