Congratulations, Walker Wolves! All students listed below will be moving on to State in March!!

ML Business Etiquette -
1st Place - Rohan Domadia
2nd Place - Madelyn Crook
3rd Place - Avneet Kaur
ML Business Math & Financial Literacy
2nd Place - Clipper Salmon
4th Place - Serena Kachhi
ML Career Exploration
1st Place - Allison Bradberry
2nd Place - Thuyanh Vo
3rd Place - Sophia Sullivan
4th Place - Yash Greenberg
ML Critical Thinking
1st Place - Disha Aburri
ML Desktop Publishing
1st Place - Matteo Del Rossi, Thomas Joseph & Samay Govindaraju
4th Place - Samatha Bala, Isabel Jossy
ML Digital Citizenship
2nd Place - Navbir Singh
3rd Place - Riya Greenberg
ML Elevator Speech
1st Place - Sonia Sadavisam
ML Intro to Computer Science
1st Place  - Ananya Srinivasan
2nd Place - Drew Harvey
ML Multimedia and Website Development
1st Place - Rehan Dost
2nd Place - Valerie Londono
ML Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
1st Place - Aarav Sood
ML Public Speaking
1st Place - Aayan Bhadouria
2nd Place - Sheldon Fouche
ML Spreadsheet
1st Place - Niyumi Nayakakorala
2nd Place - Ryan Matthew