Today's Teacher Tuesday feature is Mrs. Adams! Mrs. Adams teaches Intro to World Languages & Spanish II to the 6th and 8th grade students. She was recently named Walker Middle Magnet IB World School Teacher of the Year! She strives to offer a fun, engaging space for my kids to feel safe and take risks while learning new languages and cultures!

Why did you become a teacher?

This career lines up with my God-given passion and skill set. I am excited to bridge gaps by teaching students to be open-minded towards (and communicate with) people of another culture/first language! 

What is your fondest memory in your years of teaching at WMM?

A student made his first successful presentation in front of his peers, and his whole class stood up and applauded him afterward. It was the first time he was able to do that in 9 years of school, and he felt confident the rest of the year. 

If there was one thing you could tell your 13-year-old self, what would it be?

Don't one is paying as much attention to your flaws as you think they are, but stop curling your bangs so tightly. We're all awkward...embrace it.

Fun facts:

  • I went over 30 years without ever trying a cheeseburger until Ms. Gonzalez introduced them to me. 
  • I love acting and have been in around 40 plays. 
  • I am a foster mom! 

Favorites List:

Birthday: 6/27

Favorite snacks: Peanut M&Ms, Mini Oreos

Favorite Drinks: Diet Coke, Coffee

Favorite Take Out Restaurant: Tijuana Flats

Favorite Restaurant: Black Rock, Cheesecake Factory

If I received a gift card, I would love one from: Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon

What I would love to have in my classroom: Items from my Amazon wish list (Go HERE) or gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers for fun, standards-based games for my students!