Continued use of desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones involves repetitive wrist and hand movements that lead to pain. There are a few stretches you can do a few times a day to ease the pain or prevent it all together.

Wrist stretch 

Extend one arm in front of you, palm facing toward the floor. Bend your wrist so that your fingertips point toward the floor. Using your other hand, gently pull your fingers toward your body until you feel a stretch in the top of your wrist. After holding for a few seconds, repeat using the other arm/hand. Repeat the exercise a few times on each side.

Repeat above with palm facing toward the ceiling.

Another wrist stretch to complete are wrist circles.  Start with elbows touching your sides, extend your forearms in front of your body. With your palms facing the floor, pretend you are loosely gripping the handlebars on a bicycle. Move your wrists up and down a few times, then side to side a few times. Finally, rotate your wrists in several circles toward the outside of your body, followed by several circles toward the inside of your body.